Venue Hire

Booking policy, venue hire form and terms of use

Policy Number Detail
Classification Title Meeting Room Booking Policy
  Category Operational
  Applies to All
  Issue status New policy
Policy Description Purpose The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for booking meeting rooms within the Kenneth Myer Building and information as to how bookings will be prioritised in relation to internal and external users, as well as provision of services such as A/V support, security and cleaning.
  Policy review This policy will be reviewed every two years.
Policy Statements Policy statement 1 This policy will apply to the following rooms in the Kenneth Myer Building:
- Auditorium
-Ground Floor Foyer
-Education Centre
-Level 5 Staff Room
-Level 5 Meeting Room (5.40)
-Level 5 Video Conferencing Room (5.26)
-Level 5 Seminar Rooms (5.71 &5.72)
  Policy statement 2 The receptionist at the Kenneth Myer Building will be the first point of contact for external room bookings.
  Policy statement 3 All external bookings must be approved by the Directors.
  Policy statement 4

All rooms can be booked with the following priority:
-internal users (including The Dax Centre Ltd)
- external users conducting neuroscience or psychiatric research, advocacy or related activities
- all other external users

For the purposes of this policy, internal users are defined as all Florey staff, all University staff located in the Kenneth Myer Building and all Departments within the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.

For the purposes of this policy, external users will be defined as those who do not meet the conditions to be classed as an internal user.

  Policy statement 5 Regular external bookings of rooms should in general occur no more frequently than monthly (except regular internal scientific meetings). Meetings occurring more frequently than monthly will be reviewed by the DCF.
  Policy statement 6 The Education Centre is to be used primarily for education, orientation and/or induction events and/or activities.
  Policy statement 7 External users will be charged for hiring rooms consistent with current University of Melbourne Venue Hire Rates. The Directors discretion may apply.
  Policy statement 8 External users must complete, sign, date and return the attached Venue Hire Form and Terms of Use, and have paid the invoice, for a booking to be confirmed. Failure to pay prior to the booking will result in forfeiture of the booking in accordance with the ToU.
  Policy statement 9 A $300 charge will be levied on all users if unforeseen cleaning and building management expenses are incurred An additional $100 will be levied if the provided access cards are not returned. For internal users this levy will be charged to the group fund, for external users, the specified credit card will be debited for these purposes only.
  Policy statement 10 Any clashes arising out of booking space in the Parkville Neuroscience Facility will be referred to the DCF for resolution
Key Roles and Responsibilities Accountability for policy direction The DCF
  Accountability for bookings, logistics and invoicing Reception, Building Management, Florey accounts.
Policy Implementation Implementation date July 15 2013
  Authority DCF