Behaviour Facility

The behaviour facility in Parkville offers state of the art rodent behavioural testing equipment for internal and external academics and commercial bodies. The battery of behavioural tests available in this facility allows a comprehensive assessment of neurological functions (motor coordination/agility, strength, exploratory activity, metabolic activity), emotional responses (anxiety, depression, startle sensitivity, and frustration), sensori-motor gating (pre-pulse inhibition) and cognitive functions (attention, working memory, recognition memory, spatial learning and memory, procedural learning and memory, extinction learning, reversal learning, contextual fear memory).

The Behaviour facility has two service streams: full end-to-end services or unassisted services

Full-end-to-end services

Investigators interested in using this service should contact the Facility Research officer for an initial consultation. The initial consulting session is useful to answer questions about specific testing or if the PI is interested in measuring behavior but is not clear on what to measure. Consulting includes guidance on: Appropriate age, background, number of animals to test, as well as most appropriate tests based on the PIs specific goals.

For further information on the full end-to-end service please contact

Travis Featherby
Research Officer
Phone: +61 3 9035 6510

Unassisted services

Unassisted service provides access to laboratory facilities and specialist equipment.  In addition, the experienced Behaviour team can provide advice, training and research assistance.

For further information on this facility please contact

Brett Purcell
Facility manager
Phone: +61 3 9035 6461