Advanced Microscopy and Immunochemistry

Hours: 9am to 1pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and 9am to 5pm Fridays

Please contact for bookings and further information.

The Advanced Microscopy and Immunochemistry Facility (AMIF) is a joint Florey and University of Melbourne facility that supports in-house scientists and visitors in using light microscopy methods for their research.

We also regularly organise in-house and international courses to teach basic and advanced light microscopy methods.

The AMIF presently manages 10 state of the art microscope systems from leading companies. Several workstations for image analysis are provided.
The AMIF provides access to:

  • 3 confocal microscopes (Zeiss LSM 780, Leica TCS SP8 and Olympus FV1000)
  • Inverted live cell imaging microscope (Olympus disc spinning unit; widefield fluorescence imaging)
  • 5 stereology workstations (brightfield and fluorescence, Stereoinvestigator and Neurolucida)
  • Dissecting microscope
  • MCID
  • 3 Image Analysis Workstations (Amira, Metamorph, Image-Pro Plus, ImageJ)
  • Server-based deconvolution (Huygens core)

The experienced microscopy team can assist users throughout the entire process of microscopic imaging: planning of an experiment, sample preparation, selection and usage of the microscope, image processing and visualisation, data transfer and storage.
All users of microscopy equipment need to be trained or demonstrate competence before access is permitted. Contact to arrange training and platform induction.