Imaging Competition

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September 2014 Winner

September: “Extending our knowledge of mouse anatomy”
Image: Tiffany Phillips

October 2014 Winner

October: “Winning the Quaddie ”
Image: Craig Smith

November 2014 Winner

November: “Mountains out of mousecalls”
Image: Alex Eastwood

May 2014 Winner


The Eye of Sauron, by Phillip Roth: Microglia (yellow), astrocytes (red) and nuclei (blue) in the mouse corpus callosum.

March 2014 Winner


MIcrofluidity by Tim Lovell: Microfluidic culture platform with neuronal processes gushing across the microchannels.

June 2014 Winner

Dishy DRGs.

Image by Rainer Akkerman: Mouse DRGs grown for 14 days and stained for neurofilament.

July 2014 Winner

July: “Visualising the flemish mutation”
Image: Cyril Curtain

August 2014 Winner

August: “Climbing copper mountain”
Image: Amber Lothian

April 2014 Winner


Whole brain Diffusion Tensor Imaging by Kay Richards: Whole brain TDI from data acquired using the 4.7 Tesla small animal MRI at the Florey.

Acknowledgments: Diffusion weighted MRI - Alan Connelly, Roger Ordidge and David Wright

Super resolution track density imaging using MRtrix - Donald Tournier, Fernando Calamante and Alan Connelly

MRtrix is downloadable from

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The Core Services Imaging Competition will be run each month with entries closing on the 27th of each month, with the winner announced the following month. Images that have been created using any of imaging technologies in the Parkville/Heidelberg Melbourne Brain Centre and HFL may be entered.

The winning image will be showcased here and the printed images will then go on to populate the walls of the various imaging suites. An exhibition of the winning images will also be held in December with a grand prize picked by popular vote announced.

This competition is great way to find out about the different imaging techniques available within the MBC and to showcase your wonderful images to the world. So please get started!

Entries can be emailed to your respective facility manager or directly to Tom Keeble ( or Nathalie Braussaud (  Please provide details in your email about what your image is and where it was taken.