Flow Cytometry / Fluorescence-activated Cell Sorting Facility


Stem Cells Australia provides a purpose-built flow cytometry facility equipped with the latest high-end flow cytometric machinery for our members and other interested researchers.

Location: Room 2.56, 2nd Floor, Melbourne Brain Centre (Kenneth Myer Building), University of Melbourne, Royal Parade, Parkville. Opposite the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Equipment: The MBC Flow Cytometry Facility has a technician-operated 5-laser Becton Dickinson FACSAria III sorter and a DIY 3-laser Beckman Coutler CyAn ADP analyser. A high-throughput, 2-laser Beckman Coulter HyperCyt is available off-site at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Also available are an epMotion liquid handling robot and a ViiA7 QRT PCR machine.

Bookings are essential: Users must create an account to make a booking on all the Flow Facility’s equipment. If you don’t yet have an account, the calendar can be viewed by typing anon for both the username and password fields.

More info: Additional information about costs and conditions of use is available here. Find links for fluorochrome spectra, viability dyes, flow cytometric tips and procedures here.